A museum quality survey of 63 master photographers, from Edouard Baldus to Edward Burtynsky. Over 160 important pictures spanning the breadth of photographic history, held across two London galleries. This year we have taken the unusual but enjoyable step of teaming up with Osborne Samuel gallery on Bruton Street to help us stage our annual group show. Osborne Samuel is an extremely prestigious gallery, best known for dominating the Modern British field with their exhibitions of Lynn Chadwick, Henry Moore and other internationally famous British artists. We are delighted that they have agreed to help us host this exhibition, which is so large and expansive in its scope that it demands two galleries to do it justice. Osborne Samuel will be displaying the 19th and 20th century works and Beetles+Huxley will be displaying the contemporary photography in the exhibition. Please do phone ahead if there is a specific piece you would like to see, and we can point you to the right gallery.


November 2014


Beetles+Huxley, 3-5 Swallow Street, W18 4DE, London, England