Interview – Terry O’Neill and Interview Magazine

Inside the Terry O’Neill Retrospective at Fotografiska New York Mekala Rajagopal It’s never been easier to feel close to your favorite star—all it takes is a few clicks to find a selfie on their Instagram. But before social media, and even the days of peak paparazzi, Terry O’Neill defined the concept of the celebrity story in photographs…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Artnet: What I Buy and Why:

What I Buy and Why: Fotografiska Chair Yoram Roth on Why He Loves Photographs That Are Painted, Burned, or Torn Naomi Rea, August 22, 2022 German collector and entrepreneur Yoram Roth’s love affair with photography started at an early age.  Originally an artist who studied at Fordham University under photographer Larry Fink, Roth spent parts of the…  [ READ MORE ]

Essay – Photography, Posters, and NFTs

Over the last year, many photographers have approached me or my fellow members of Fotografiska’s Exhibition Committee for insight into the photo art world, the various risks and opportunities, and advice for their careers overall. With the constant chatter about the emergence of NFTs across different art forms, ancillary opportunities such as poster sales, and…  [ READ MORE ]

Profile – Under the Umbrella

Under the umbrella As cultural industries faltered in a time of pandemic, two entrepreneurs identified an opportunity. With their new holding company, Cultureworks, they plan to offer a new global platform for creativity – and reshape the sector for the better. By Alexis Self, Photography Nathalie Mohadjer for Monocle Magazine In February 2020, with the…  [ READ MORE ]

Essay – The looming Arms Race in the Cultural Experience Economy

Over the last ten years, there has been a substantial growth of “culture as an experience.” The movement beyond the white wall started over forty years ago with artists like Yayoi Kusama and her Infinity Rooms, light and space artists like James Turrell, the large wrapped spaces and floating islands by Jean-Claude and Christo, but also artists emerging…  [ READ MORE ]

Profile – Yoram Roth and his Berlin

Berlin is opening up again – Culture Investor Yoram Roth is ready to go The City and the Investor: Yoram Roth and his Berlin Yoram Roth could have invested his money in real estate, start-ups or stocks. But the Berlin cultural investor prefers to buy Clärchens Ballhaus or Tip Magazine, has a stake in the…  [ READ MORE ]

Interview – Artwork Archive

This interview was published by Artwork Archive, the software I use to manage both my art collection that is growing every year, and my inventory of art that I have produced. Artwork Archive collector Yoram Roth on what drives his passion for art and life.  Meet Artwork Archive collector Yoram Roth. Yoram is a creative entrepreneur,…  [ READ MORE ]

Profile – Yoram Roth to the Rescue

Emilie Trice for No3 Magazine published this interview on March 13 One man’s mission to redefine the industrial cultural complex. A city is a living ecosystem that will inevitably cycle through periods of growth, decay, renewal, stability, entropy, and so on. Cultural identity ebbs and flows. Demographics shift and recalibrate. This is the story of…  [ READ MORE ]

Essay – Art, Culture, and Entrepreneurship

Recently, the New York Times published an article about how entrepreneurs are redefining what a museum is, how art can be experienced, and what a cultural moment is allowed to be. “While traditional museums are discussing closings and mergers, the for-profit industry around experiential or immersive art is investing hundreds of millions of dollars into a business…  [ READ MORE ]

Essay – Online Photography Exhibitions

If you’re a fellow photo art geek you await The Museum of Modern Art‘s bi-annual “New Photography” show with great excitement. We all read John Szarkowski’s Looking at Photographs in art school, and he launched this exhibition program over forty years ago. The MoMA’s regular show made him to photography what John Peel’s Sessions were to music. Not every inclusion…  [ READ MORE ]