These are some of the investments I’m most proud of, or find myself most actively involved with. Other investments include private equity and venture capital participations, as well as a balanced mix allocated across appropriate asset classes.

Fotografiska is the largest photography museum in the world. Like a Kunsthalle, it neither focuses on its own collection, nor does it sell art. Over the last ten years Fotografiska has exhibited every major photographer. It is a space for exploration and workshops, seminars, and conferences for its community members, as well as a museum, a shop, a cafe, bar, and restaurant that engage the public in experiencing photography in all possible ways.

Fotografiska is now expanding to major cities across the globe, including New York, and Berlin.


NeueHouse is the leader and pioneer in high-end private member workspaces and event spaces, and is uniquely positioned to capitalize on unprecedented demand for workspace globally.

NeueHouse is the private workspace and cultural home for creators, innovators and thought leaders. With iconic buildings, timeless design, thought-provoking cultural experiences and elevated hospitality, NeueHouse reimagined the ideal environment for creative performance and cultural progress. The company has locations in California in Los Angeles, Venice, and Hollywood, as well as New York City, and soon Miami.


A true survivor. Few places in Berlin have endured as many historical events during the 20th century as Clärchens Ballhaus: two World Wars, the division of the city, the fall of the Wall and the following gentrification. This Berliner institution is the oldest operating dance hall, and features a ballroom, a restaurant, and a biergarten when the weather right.


Berlin’s Holzmarkt Cooperative was founded with the goal of revitalizing one of the last vacant fallow lands on the river Spree. The goal is to act culturally with an urban emphasis rather than just economically. It provides investors the opportunity to participate in and secure the artistic freedom of the project. Together with the Genossenschaft für urbane Kreativität (Cooperative for urban creativity) a sustainable financing model has been developed.

The GuK operates an urban environment with hundreds of commercial tenants including everything from a bakery to a brewery and a daycare center, but also Berlin’s famous Kater Blau night club, and the Kater Schmaus restaurant.


Tip Media Group is Berlin’s foremost cultural publisher. Tip Magazine (founded 1972) and Zitty Magazine (founded 1976), have been the trusted go-to sources for events and news coverage of Berlin’s various culture scenes. In 2020 we also acquired ExBerliner, the city’s leading English language publication.

The Tip Media Group also publishes a number of ancillary genre titles such as Speisekarte, Berlin’s most respected food guide. Tip Media provides programming data to 16 other city guides, and publishes third party magazines such as Berlin Lieben for BVG, Berlin’s public transportation operator.


As a media company and community powerhouse, TheArtGorgeous develops innovative concepts and strategies and creates captivating content, closely working with an unparalleled network of global art world influencers and institutions.

TheArtGorgeous is a brand operating at the intersection of art and fashion. It works as a publishing house in print and social media, and produces experiences for brand partners in conjunction with the major global art fairs.


Ello is The Creators Network, a publishing and collaboration platform connecting and supporting a global community of artists. Founded in 2013 by a collection of artists & designers, Ello re-imagines the future of creative work by providing a contemporary forum and virtual workplace for artists, brands, agencies, publishers, and their fans.

At Ello we’re committed to advancing the intersection of art, creative opportunity and new media to inspire what only the internet has made possible. We believe that by empowering and rewarding today’s creators with visibility, influence and professional opportunity that we can embolden a generation of talent and transform the way creative work gets done.


Yoram Roth has been a fine art photographer since completing his studies in New York in 1989. He is represented by the Galerie Camera Work in Berlin, and has had several solo shows and one retrospective. His work has been displayed by leading galleries, and at all major fairs.

He has lectured and written about fine art nude photography, and has been quoted extensively at a time when social media platforms are refusing to address issues around censorship and body-shaming.

Yoram is currently on Sabbatical from making new art work.