Profile – My Homescreen

Turi2 is a website that covers German media and communication companies and their executives. They asked me to participate in their My Homescreen project, and like any neurotic modern thought leader I can’t pass up an opportunity to talk about my life. The original article in German, so I thought I’d translate it here…

Yoram Roth, photo artist, co-owner of Berlin’s leading city magazines Tip and Zitty and renowned Berlin institution Clärchens Ballhaus is driven by the red dot notifications on his screen. During the day he’s testing a new Food App for Tip Berlin, and at night he’s producing techno tracks. He uses puzzle games to keep his ADHD in check.

To me the phone is a tool, and its primarily about communications. Hence all the channels at the top.

I am quite Pavlovian in my response to that infernal red number dot, and I use it govern my life. I use the reminders throughout the system to be more productive, but I’ve deactivated it for social media. The phone is primarily a communications tool for me, hence all the chat and conference apps at the top of my screen.

I definitely enjoy social media, though I tell myself its simply to see what my companies are doing online… but the truth is that I really enjoy keeping up with my friends, with trends, but also how key issues are being discussed in public forums. I follow the major news sources via Twitter, so I get my news there. I love Instagram, but I think Facebook is coming to an end.

I keep projects I’m working on as single apps nearby. I can’t really talk about all of them right now, but I’m obviously very engaged with Fotografiska. We are also working on something new for Tip-Berlin, our city’s guide to the good life… but I can’t really talk about it quite yet.

I love music, which has always been part of my life. I now upload techno tracks to Soundcloud that I make late at night, but I also need podcasts for my exercise regimen. I’ve stayed fit, but I don’t like listening to myself huff and puff, so I use the time to learn more about my business field.

I have a small number of games installed on the phone, but they’re super simple. I learned over time that I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome, and I can only focus on key elements if my eyes are moving. I like to walk around while I’m on calls to keep my field of vision occupied, but if that’s not an option I play simple visual puzzles. It helps me stay focused during long phone meetings. Sounds juvenline, but it has made me better at my job. I learned it from my kids who were diagnosed with it, and then recognised that I have the same illness.